Salwico Smoke Detectors

Salwico produces various Smoke Detectors, which are a vital part of the Salwico Fire Detection Systems.

The Salwico Smoke Detectors are designed to be used in heavy duty applications in the maritime industry. Salwico offers a wide range of Smoke Detectors to provide protection. The Salwico Smoke Detectors are tested to comply with high standard requirements to be highly resistant to unit failure caused by contamination or pollution.

Salwico produces a wide range of Smoke Detectors which can be supplied by us. We can supply Salwico Smoke Detectors worldwide.

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Salwico Smoke Detectors
Article Code Description Manufacturer Number
EC-P Optical Smoke Detector 5200175-00A
EV-P Optical Smoke Detector 40020
EV-PP/RDO/OA100 Optical Smoke Detector 40201
EV-PP/RDJ Optical Smoke Detector 40202
EV-PP/IA1302T/RDJ2T Dual Optical Smoke/Heat Detector 40203
EV-PP/OA120 Dual Optical Smoke/Heat Detector 40204
EV-PP/OA130 Dual Optical Smoke/Heat Detector 40200
EV-PP/IA100 Optical Smoke Detector 40202
EV-PP/IA120 Dual Optical Smoke/Heat Detector 40205
EV-PP/IA130 Dual Optical Smoke/Heat Detector 40206
DOS-3 Optical Smoke Detector N1115
EVC-PY-IS Intrinsically Safe Optical Smoke Detector N1144
IA-100 Ion Smoke Detector 44750
IA-120 Dual Ionisation Smoke/Heat Detector 44752
IA-130 Dual Ionisation Smoke/Heat Detector 44753
IA-130-2T Dual Ionisation Smoke/Heat Detector 44755
JD-1 Ion Smoke Detector  
JD-5 Ion Smoke Detector  
NID-38 Ion Smoke Detector  
NID-38FB Ion Smoke Detector  
NID-58 Ion Smoke Detector  
NS-AIS Ion Smoke Detector N11101
NS-AOS Optical Smoke Detector N11111
OA-100 Optical Smoke Detector 44760
OA-120 Optical Smoke Detector 44762
OA-130 Dual Optical Heat/Smoke Detector 44763
RDJ-2 Ionisation Smoke Detector 44560
RDJ2T Ionisation Smoke Detector 44570
RDO-2 Optical Smoke Detector 44580
ST-I-IS Intrinsically Safe Ionization Smoke Detector N1140