Salwico Detector Bases

Salwico produces a wide range of Detector Bases that can be used with Salwico Detectors. The Salwico Bases are used to mount the Salwico Detectors.

We can supply various Salwico Detector Bases, Salwico spare parts and other Salwico equipment such as Flame Detectors and Gas Detection Systems worldwide. Due to our worldwide network and large stock, we are able to deliver the equipment in a short period of time against competitive prices.

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Salwico Bases

Salwico Detector Bases
Article code Description Part No.
2IP55 Detector Base 046950
AC-IR-3Fq Conventional Base 5200235-00A
AC-IR-3Fq Addressable Base 5200237-00A
EC-ADAPT Adapter for Wet Spaces 5200178-00A
EC-BASE Detector Base for Dry Spaces 5200177-00A
EV-SPB-BI Base Adapter with Short Circuit Isolator 5200098-00A
IS-SPB-BASE Adapter Base 5201044-00A
NS-ADAPT-3 IP55 Base Plate Adapter N1425
NS-ADAPT-IS IP55 IS Adapter N1422
NS-ADAPT-IS2 Base Adapter N1430
SPB-ADAPT Base Adapter 046916
UB-1 Detector Base 46911
UB-6 Detector Base 044445